We believe in helping good people do good things. Innovative Twist wants to support & empower nonprofits with their printing needs with our “Random Acts Of Printing” program. Do you know of a nonprofit that would benefit from some professional print marketing materials?

Are you a nonprofit that gives back to the community? Please fill out the form below, and you may be selected to receive free printing, including business cards, stickers, catalogs, greeting cards and more.


Inspirational Growth Inc

Items Printed: Promotional Flyers

About: Our mission is to cultivate the next generation of young innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers.

Inspirational Growth wants to provide a focused introduction to the business world, by creating a curriculum with the experiences of local leaders, community members, educators and entrepreneurs. The end goal of the course is for each student to successfully launch their own business.

Spartyka Foundation

Items Printed: Business Cards

About: The mission of the Spartyka Foundation, a national nonprofit organization, is to bridge the gaps of transitioning veterans, Wounded Warriors, and Gold Star Families by connecting them to the full continuum of resources available, including vet to vet programs, housing placement, career placement, recreational activities, and other essential human services.

While executing this mission we always keep our core values in mind: Honor, Embrace, Empower, Remember

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Simply use the form to the right to nominate a nonprofit that is doing something great for the community. You need to only nominate once as the list is saved, however, only one nominee will be awarded per month. Nominations will be selected by a voting process. However, you can feel free to nominate your own nonprofit!

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