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Your custom t‑shirts deserve to be worn.
Because your message is too important to get lost in the back of the closet. Make it someone’s new favorite shirt.

I do not have pricing tables on my site. I quote each job custom based on all the variables for that particular job and prices can fluctuate as we look at different shirt brands, number of colors, number of locations, print process needed, and quantity. Get ahold of me and let’s talk the details that pertain to your job and see what we can do to zero in on the best price possible while making the quality across the board the most important factor.

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I have a 12 print minimum for a single color, one-location print. The amount of setup and production 

work that goes into getting a job on press really makes single prints and small runs not cost-effective.


Well, I don’t stock any. I custom order each garment to best match the artwork going on it. I have access

to almost any brand you can think of. Bella+Canvas, Next Level, American Apparel, Anvil and many others.


I just want the cheapest shirt possible?

Of Course, we all want to get what we need at the best possible price, and many large scale printers are

setup for that, I am not. I want everything that leaves my shop to be the best it can be. So I steer as clear as

possible from cheap, heavy, scratchy garments.

I hear is is harder to achieve brighter, more 

vibrant prints on darker garments with water-based ink? why?

Pastisol ink sits on top of the shirt. It is literally plastic. So you get that heavy patch feeling on the shirt. 

Yuck. Water based ink sits down into the shirt fibers. They soak in. That is what give you the desirable soft 

hand feel of a waterbed print. So to get bright colors on darker shirts you either have to add a white underboss 

which introduces another color into your print or use a process called discharge printing. Discharge printing 

dye’s the shirt color away and replaces it with the color of your choice but can be limited by garment type and color.

So be ready to have some flexibility when looking at getting brighter colors on darker shirts.

Hand-pulling? what does that mean? why does it matter?

Every print, every step of the way is done by hand. No machines. Prepping and coating screens. Lining up films 

to make sure things are locked in place. Choosing a garment so soft it is like wearing a hug. The perfect color mix.

Then, the fun part. Each color in your print is pulled across your garment by hand. 


When you order a shirt. Let’s say 100 shirts at 3 colors. That means each color is pulled one or two times to get the

ink to lay down just right. That is hundreds of passes by a human hand to recreate your artwork. Cool.

what should i expect from a hand-pulled print?

I strive to make every print as perfect as I can. But sometimes the sheer fact that it is a human process from

beginning to end lends that imperfect magic to the prints. Sometimes those happy accidents occur that take a 

print to a place we didn’t think of.

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